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About Us

Adventure PROS

Live The Rush

The Adventure PROS' Story 
Let There Be Adrenaline

The year was 2007, and it was another scorching day in Jordan. Our founder, Ali Haddad, was outside exploring the Wadi Bin Hammad tropical rain forest trail and realized the lack of support available to intrepid adventurers like himself. There were no guides to hire, no safety guidelines and a gap between the locals and visitors.

After realizing the enormous potential for outdoor activities and adventure sports in the region, Adventure PROs was born!

Fast forward to 2017, and Ali's desire to create a quality adventure experience in Jordan has turned into one of the biggest outdoor and adventure programs in the Middle East.

Adventure PROs has grown to include branches in Jordan and Oman and specializes in providing corporations, organisations, private groups and individuals with a variety of thrill-seeking activities such as canyoning, diving, sea sports, family tours, hiking, sightseeing and rock climbing.

Over the last ten years, we have worked with an extensive range of clients and our safety standards have become a defining feature of our brand. We are committed to maintaining our reputation and reaching our goal at becoming the #1 outdoor adventure program in the Middle East.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the Middle East's as an outdoor adventure destination by providing individuals and companies with a safe, yet thrilling opportunity to explore the region.

Our Vision

We aim to be considered one of the top adventure and outdoor program operators in the Middle East by offering competitive pricing, unmatched dedication and exceptional quality.

Our Adrenaline-Inducing Services 

Adventure Programs

Hiking: Experience the diverse trails of the Middle East from Jordan's Mediterranean forest to Oman's rough but rewarding mountainous terrain. We offer hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty and take care of all the logistics.

Canyoning: Canyoning is a relatively new sport in Jordan and is perfect for thrill seekers looking for a challenge. Experience Jordan's most famous river canyon by exploring hidden gorges, rappelling down breathtaking sandstone cliffs and swimming underneath waterfalls.

Rock Climbing: The Middle East is fast becoming a rock climbing capital. The region boasts world-class routes that offer something for everyone. Explore some of the best rock climbing by joining our tour in Jordan and taking on the awe-inspiring Wadi Rum - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rope Swinging: Insane, crazy and more fun than you can imagine - brace yourself for an epic rope swinging adventure! Climb to the top of the arch and hold on tight as you jump down into the canyon below. It's an unforgettable experience and an incredible way to take in the natural scenery while screaming your lungs out.

Zip-lines: Let us take you on an amazing zip line adventure through the scenic landscapes of the Middle East. Fly from one platform to the another via steel cables bolted into the side of mountains and see the region in a unique and thrilling way.

Adventure Parks: If you can't decide between our extensive range of adventure activities, sign up for an adventure park tour! Spend an entire day testing your limits on obstacle courses, zip-lines and rope climbing exercises. It's the perfect experience for groups and teams looking for good team bonding with a twist.

Slack-lining: The art of walking along a one-inch wide nylon webbing and has become a worldwide phenomenon  Test your limits and see how far you can get without falling while improving your balance, posture and strengthening your mental fortitude.

Bungee Jumping:
Experience what it is like to feel utterly weightless as you free fall to the gorge below. It's the ultimate adrenaline rush and a chance to push past your fears to experience the most exhilarating moment of your life.

Mountaineering: Combine hiking and rock climbing to explore the beautiful mountain passes of Jordan and Oman. Experience the breathtaking views as your scramble up the sandstone rock face and the sense of achievement when you make it all the way to the top.

Diving: When one thinks of the best dive spots in the world, a region often associated with the desert does not usually come to mind. However, Oman and Jordan are home to dramatic wall drop-offs, unspoiled coral reefs and an abundance of underwater life, making this region scuba divers paradise.

Cycling: Explore the countrysides of Jordan or Oman by renting out a bicycle. Whether you want to go mountain biking or simply ride around town, we can organize a tour to meet your needs.

Caving: Some of the most famous caves in the world can be found in the Middle East. Explore these millennia-old natural wonders with nothing but headlamps and our experienced guides leading the way.

4x4 & Buggy Tours: For adventure seekers visiting the Middle East, a dune buggy tour is an ideal activity to experience the thrill of racing over the famous sand dunes. Enjoy the breathtaking serenity of the desert as our instructor guides you around helping you to pick out more challenging dunes as your confidence increases.

Jordan is home to some of the world's greatest historical sights and desert landscapes in the Middle East. Book one of our sightseeing tours and discover Jordan's Roman cities, the red sand dunes of Wadi Rum, the legendary city of Petra and the lush Mediterranean countryside in the north.

Paintball was introduced to Jordan in 2002 and has fast become a favorite recreational activity in the region. If you are looking for a fun team building activity, book a paintball adventure with us and get ready to experience one of the most exciting games you will ever play.

Corporate Programs

Adventure PROs offers the following programs specifically designed for our corporate client's needs in mind:

  • Team Building
  • Tele-match Games
  • Outdoor Events
  • Retreats

School Programs

Adventure PROs welcomes intrepid explorers of all ages, and as such we have designed the following packages for group school tours:

  •   One day trips
  •   Camps
  •   Open days
  •   Family programs
  •   Non-formal educational programs
  •   Volunteering

Training and Consulting Programs

Adventure PROs provides consultation and training services for all related outdoor activities. This program is ideal for members of the special forces, police, rescue technicians, red cross, operators of adventure parks and professional employees in the private and public sector.

The program consists of the following services:
  •   Setting up safe climbing routes for all outdoor and indoor sports.
  •   Construction of adventure parks and high rope parks.
  •   Construction of zip lines.
  •   Setting up lifelines in construction sites, towers, projects and any other workplace.
  •   PPE inspection.
  •   Occupational safety training.
  •   Training in the professional field which includes:
  1.  Technical rescue;
  2.  Rope access and confined spaces;
  3.  Energy and networks access (e.g. windmills and electricity and fuel towers);
  4.  Window cleaning using rope access for towers and buildings;
  5.  Fire rescue training;
  6.  Rescue from disaster situation training.

Training for the sport/climbing field

We provide training for mountain guides, canyon guides as well as adventure guides that work in the tourism sector and adventure parks. Our training program follows international and European standards of the EN, NFPA and UIAA.

Other Services 

Apart from our outdoor activities and training programs, Adventure PRO's also offers the following services:

Adventure PROs Manufacturing & Adventure PROs Shop
Through our production line based in China, we produce the majority of our adventure gear to the standards set out by the EN, NFPA and UIAA. 
Visit our online store and stock up on canyoning or camping gear from Petzl and Beal. If you are in the area, you can also collect your purchase directly from our offices in Amman and Muscat.

Adventure PROs Volunteering
To give back to the community and maintain the natural beauty we use for our activities, we started a volunteering program. Volunteers will be involved with cleaning the canyons, maintaining the routes and helping at-risk local communities.

Adventure PROs Education
We have teamed up with JORDAN Youth Innovation Forum to develop our own educational program.

Adventure PROs Parks
As part of our plan to continue growing our presence in the Middle East as a leader in Adventure Activities, we have started construction on two adventure parks. The first one will be in opening its doors in Oman in September 2018 and the second one will be launching in Jordan in March 2019.