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School Programs

Information For Wadi Al-Hasa + Karting

  • Program Description:
    When going on the Wadi Al-Hasa + Karting adventure, you can enjoy a pleasant hike surrounded by nature and a fun karting race at the end of the hike. This adventure is ideal for families. The 3km-hike starts from east to west and half way you will go back in the direction you came from. The hike will be over land and through water, but no swimming is included. A photographer will capture all your adventurous moments. You will be transported to the start of the wadi by a small bus, as the road is not applicable for touring buses, and you will be brought back to Amman after your experience. Breakfast will be provided before the hike and lunch (snacks, fried potatoes and soda) is served in Adventure City, where there is the possibility to use the sanitary facilities. Professional guides and lifeguards will accompany you on the trip through the wadi to make sure you will enjoy your adventure in a safe way.

  • Location: Hasa
  • Program Details:
    • 07:00 AM Meeting point at seventh circle
    • 07:30 AM Departure
    • 08:00 AM Stop at Al Manaseer station – Airport Road
    • 09:30 AM Breakfast (Next to the wadi)
    • 10:00 AM Adventure Starts
    • 03:00 PM Adventure Ends
    • 03:30 PM Departure to Adventure City 
    • 04:30 PM Lunch – Snacks, French fries & soda (in Adventure City)
    • 07:00 PM Departure to Amman 
    • 09:00 PM Arrival to Amman
    • *There may be minor adjustments to the program as it’s really hard to control the timing on the Adventure Trips.
  • Important to Bring:
    • Walking shoes (running shoes are ok, you don’t need to bring professional canyoning shoes). 
    • Sunglasses, a hat, dry clothes to change into and wear after the hike, and sunblock. 
    • We recommend you freeze a bottle of water one day before the hike. 
    • A backpack.
  • Important Notes:
    • The physical rating of this program is from easy to moderate.
    • The direction of this program is from east to west (3km - two way).
    • Small buses will be used as the road is not applicable for big buses.
    • Changing clothes will be in the buses.
    • Most of the hike will be in water.
    • Wearing a helmet is a MUST in this program (we will provide one for you) 
    • Everybody must fill and sign the ”knowledge of risk” papers.
    • We don’t accept participants less than 8 years old in this program. Please note that children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult who accepts responsibility for them by signing the “knowledge of risk” paper.
    • The trip fee includes: transportation, 2 meals (breakfast & lunch), water, a refreshment, first aid, helmet & guide
  • Minimum Age To Participate: 8
  • Fitness Level:
  • Price: 35 JD

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